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Resources for Ministry Families

We urge you, brethren, admonish the unruly, encourage the fainthearted, help the weak, be patient with everyone.
(1 Thess 5:14)

Resources and Retreats for those in Ministry  

Note: I am on the steering committee of the Caregivers Forum, so I have many connections to good resources. However, I am not personally aquainted with all of the resources listed below. For the complete Caregivers Directory, click here.

Alban Institute (Herndon, VA)
Provides print and online resources and consulting services, helping pastors and congregations build teams, plan for change, make transitions and deal with conflict.

Barnabas International (Rockford, IL)
Barnabas offers counseling and education for missionaries and national pastors at both US and overseas locations. Issues covered include cross-cultural stress and adjustment, marriage and family, and (in partnership with the Narramore Christian Foundation) re-entry programs for children of overseas workers. E.L.I.M. Retreats, an affiliated ministry, offers renewal retreats and education for improving member care.

Broom Tree Ministries (Delafield, WI)
Offers 5 day self-guided spiritual retreats for full-time Christian pastors and their spouses.

Beside Still Waters (Anna Maria Island, FL)
Provides a retreat near the beach for pastors and their families for 4-10 days (January to August) or 4-14 days (September to December).

ClergySeminars (Whitehall, MI)
Seminars and consulting using Bowen/Friedman family systems thinking to understand and reduce anxiety, resistance and conflict in congregations.

Clergy Recovery Network (Joplin, MT)
Mentors ministry professionals through personal crises associated with burnout, marital conflict, church conflict and sexual issues. Provides personal support to clergy during the early phase of the recovery process and helps them to guide their ministries toward spiritual and organizational health before, during and after leadership crisis. Contact may include face-to-face, phone, and secure web contact and the use of secure online groups.

Deer Ridge Ministries (Freeport, IL)
Offers 5-day rest and renewal retreats for full-time pastors and their spouses.

Desert Streams (Kalamazoo, MI)

Offers a wide spectrum of Christian counseling services, including marriage and family.

Dogwood Hills Bed and Breakfast (Harriet, AR)

Offers three-bedroom bed and breakfast accomodation on a working farm. Special pricing available for pastors and other full-time Christian workers and their families.

Fairhaven Ministries (Roan Mountain, TN)
A retreat and counseling center for pastors, missionaries and their families. The center is also available to pastors on sabbatical. A Canadian sister organization operates a similar retreat center in Vernon, BC.

Faith Mountain Ministries (Rosedale, WV)
Christian retreat center serving pastors, missionaries and Christian families.

Families in Global Transition (Warrenton, VA)
Offers conferences and webinars to help internationally mobile families navigate the challenges of cross-cultural living.

Family Care Center (Fort Wayne, IN)
Offers a wide spectrum of counseling services, including marriage and family and addiction/substance abuse.

Forest Haven Retreat for Pastors (Bradford, NH)
Christian retreat center for clergy and their spouses.

Genessee Home (Taylorsville, CA)
A secluded retreat, located in the mountains of northern California, for pastors, missionaries and ministry professionals in transition.

Grace Valley Ministries (Holly Springs, GA)
A retreat center that also offers counseling to pastors and ministry workers free of charge.

H.B. London Ministries (Colorado Springs, CO)
Webpage for the speaking ministry of H.B. London, who made significant contributions to the development of pastor care in the evangelical church and the emergence of evangelical pastor care organizations. His blog, The Heart of a Pastor, is available on the site.

Heart of America Ministry Women (Overland Park, KS)
Webpage for the speaking ministry of H.B. London, who made significant contributions to the development of pastor care in the evangelical church and the emergence of evangelical pastor care organizations. His blog, The Heart of a Pastor, is available on the site.

Heartstream Resources (Liverpool, PA)
Provides counseling and educational programs for overseas Christian workers, addressing issues like depression, burnout, adjustment disorder, compassion fatigue, and debriefing/reentry. Also offers M.A. level courses for other professionals providing member care to overseas workers.
Programs are offered at both US and overseas locations.

Innkeeper Ministries (Lewisburg, OH)
Retreat center in western Ohio for getaways.

Interaction (Carol Stream, IL)
Provides educational seminars that address the needs of internationally mobile families and third-culture kids (TCKs). A related website provides a global listing of mental health professions who are familiar with the needs of internationally mobile families and TCK’s.

International Training Partners (Colorado Springs, CO)
A ministry providing biblical training in interpersonal relationships for Christian workers serving across cultures. Seminars are held both at US and overseas locations.

The Leadership Center (Wolfeboro, NH)
Offering mid-week, 4 day retreats in February and October for couples in full-time ministry, to strengthen and encourage them in an environment of grace and rest on beautiful Lake Winnipesaukee. Pastors' wives retreats are also offered in the summer.

Link Care Center (Fresno, CA)
Offers a wide spectrum of Christian counseling services, including marriage and family counseling and missionary preparation and cross-cultural re-entry.

Marble Retreat (Carbondale, CO)

A retreat center offering 8-day intensive program of individual and group counseling for pastors, missionaries, and their spouses.

Minnesota Renewal Center (St. Paul, MN)
Provides a wide spectrum of counseling services, including counseling and seminars for clergy on marriage and family issues, support groups for pastors, spiritual direction and retreats, healthy congregations workshops, and education on member care for missionary organizations.

Mission Training International (Palmer Lake, CO)
Works with churches and mission agencies to prepare Christian individuals and families for effective intercultural life and ministry. Also provides debriefing/reentry support and educational programs for professionals who provide member care to overseas workers.

Mountain Learning Center (June Lake, CA)

Eleven-day retreats for pastors and their spouses, focusing on spiritual renewal and providing individual counseling that addresses the stresses associated with ministry.

Narramore Christian Foundation (Arcadia, CA)
Mental health professionals with a special interest in counseling and crisis intervention for missionaries and pastors. Also provides seminars on member care and re-entry programs for children of overseas workers.

Nehemiah Ministries (Owosso, MI)
This retreat center provides a place of rest and renewal for pastors and missionaries and offers support as they work through marriage, family or personal issues.

The National Association of Christian Recovery (Richmond, VA)
A not-for-profit religious organization that works in partnership with Christian churches to provide resources and groups for Christians recovering from addictions, abuse, or trauma. The NACR sponsors workshops, conferences and supplies materials to groups and churches looking to inspire recovery in their community. NACR also works on a consultative basis with groups looking for guidance when establishing, growing or reviving their recovery communities.
The online ministry of Dan Sherman, the North Central Regional Director for PastorCare. The site includes a link to his ebook, The Pastor Burnout Workbook.

A national organization, with regional representatives who are available to meet with clergy for counseling or confidential coaching and can provide referrals to other professional services and support.

The Pastors Institute (Anderson, IN)
The Pastor’s Institute provides retreats for pastors and their spouses which provide orientation to ministry for new clergy and can help experienced pastors rediscover their sense of calling and improve communication with their spouse and congregation.

Pinnacle Ministries (Mosinee, WI)
Helps pastors find rest through sabbaticals, pursue personal renewal, and learn to refocus their church in ways that better promote discipleship and spiritually discerning, community-focused ministry. Shalom House (New London, WI), a part of Pinnacle Ministries, offers a private retreat for the pastor and his or her family.

Quiet Place Ministries (Jackson, MI)
Rents retreat space from third parties (at various locations in the USA and overseas) to provide time away for pastors and their spouses.

Quiet Waters International (Denver, CO)
A retreat center that offers family, marriage and ministry building retreats. The center also provides counseling intensives related to crisis, addiction and church or marital conflict, as well as coaching for pastors on sabbatical.

Shechem (Cortaro, AZ)
Retreat center near Tucson that provides 5 day Sabbath retreats for missionaries and ministry couples.

ShepherdCare (Suwannee, GA)
Offers online resources and telephone consultation to pastors to help them avoid burnout, prevent moral failure, deal with forced exits and sustain long-term effectiveness in ministry.

Shepherd's Heart Ministry (Parker, CO)
Provides pastors and missionaries with marriage, family and crisis counseling at locations in the USA and overseas.

Shepherd's Refuge (Dahlonega, GA)

Retreat in the North Georgia mountains for pastors, missionaries and full-time church staff and their spouses.

Sonscape Retreats (Divide, CO)
Guided, weeklong retreats for pastors, missionaries and their spouses at both Colorado and Tennessee locations. A New York location is also planned for the near future. Retreats include teaching, small group discussion and individual coaching in a restful wilderness setting.

Thriving Pastor by Focus on the Family (formerly The Parsonage)
An online ministry of Focus on the Family which provides educational resources for pastors and their families and an online listing of care ministries, organized by state.

Whispering Cove Retreat (Sylvia, NC)
Provides education and counseling in a retreat setting, addressing issues arising from the pressures of ministry, such as burnout and marital conflcit.